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You Don't Look Sick?

How serious is Lupus when you look fine?

Vice President Kamala Harris's sister suffers from Lupus for the past 30 years. Maya Harris was diagnosed at 22, she has kept the personal struggle private until recently. Everyone's story is different. Along with how the illness has affected them. I use to think I could beat it...oh the naivety! I would go to therapy and talk about everything else. Why not? I looked fine. I could walk around and be like everyone else. After we moved to Central Florida, I continued to monitor my life as if nothing was wrong. Predictably, when my body fell...I fell hard. My family is super vigilant. How are you today? You just can't tell. A nurse came to do a wellness house visit and she began talking to my mother until I corrected her. That happens a lot!

Now as I come upon my sixth year of suffering from Lupus. I successfully applied for Social Security benefits. My student loans were paid in full. Yeah!!! When I retired from teaching, I also received my Pension and Benefits. Another yeah!!! I am one of the fortunate legally disabled Lupies. I have money coming in every month. Lupus is real. Self-care is my daily task. My fatty liver diagnosis is real. The fear of liver cirrhosis is real. Cirrhosis is a late stage of scarring of the liver caused by liver diseases. I could no longer live in denial. None of this makes sense. I needed to change for myself. Not out of fear of death but the joy of life. I deserve to live well. My story. I now have a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Chica is my faithful walking companion. I make time to wear makeup most days and dress up, even though I stay home. I deserve to appreciate my self. As do you, my Lupies. This is the way - Mandolorian

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