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Treatment woooooooooos

Two weeks ago...I am in my final stage of my low-dose chemo. It has been three months on this treatment. The prednisone, steroid that modifies the immune response of your body, The prednisone was the only thing keeping this fab body together. My rheumatologist called and I am officially chemo free! I may start my next course of treatment which is the Enbrel pen. I will inform more...

Currently, I am only on the Enbrel pen. I have stopped the chemo and am off of the steroids. The doctor did inform me that I will be uncomfortable for quite some time. The new medication will not take into full effect for a couple of months possibly up to six months. Unfortunately, since I am not taking steroids my body is in extreme, gut wrenching pain with inflammation. The medicinal marijuana is being used at full capacity. I can't think straight. I can't sleep well. I can't focus. I can't walk at times and when I am mobile, my trusty cane is at my side. This won't last forever but damn....may I have a finish line date, I would love to put a big red heart on the calendar. I was unable to attend the Full Sail's University company xmas family party at Universal Studios. The kids went with my hubby, the biggest kid, so they all had fun. Lupies, this is the course of the illness. This is a moment.

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