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Super Body

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

As of late, my super body is creating this vinegar smelling sweat at night. I thought it was not so bad until my wonderfully vocal younger daughter came in with her twin and stated, "What is that weird smell?" as she turns to her twin, "Doesn't it stink?" Damn, now I have another pair of sheets to burn!

Sweat itself has no smell. It’s when it comes into contact with your natural bacteria, that an odor becomes obvious…Vinegar sweat: hormonal disturbances. My testosterone levels are too low so my gynecologist sent a compound cream to be applied nightly on my upper thighs. This is the option I chose rather than ingest one more medication or herb. This is quickly added to my nightly routine of another compound cream for my arthritic knees and lower back. Like anything else, the medication masks the issue.

This morning, I woke up again in a pool of sweat and my joints were throbbing. I barely slept. I started to have one of my dry mouth coughing fits and I leaked on the sheets. I started to cry. I told my husband that I am feeling more isolated because of the holidays. With my New York fam initially coming to Florida, It was going to provide a mental reprieve. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my New York fam is staying put. That is best but upsetting.

I smelled like vinegar and I leaked...I cried and asked my husband, "How do you put up with me and everything?" He just gave me side eye and said, "I put up with my job. I put up with my students. I even put up with your crazy, old parents at times. I do not put up with you. It's just not the way I see it. I am invested. It is us." As I ugly cried and he hugged me. I began to calm down. He waited five beats and then said, "I am craving a salad, maybe there is something in the air."

Ugh, what an asshole!

Everyone deserves that person. Lupies our body fights everyday. I chose to take a shower, smoke some pot, change the sheets and take a well earned nap. I intend to wake up and take my twins to gymnastics. I intend to enjoy moments that make up my life. It is not all bad and it is never all good. We are The SUPES. This is our mission.

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