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Struggle and changing directions

This year has been difficult for so many people. I don’t believe difficult is the word that sums up this year. We have all struggled. Its not about that my pain is more or less than someone else. It is simply different.

My twins became remote learner for their fifth-grade year. My hubby also has worked from home since last March. My oldest did go to away to college, although the experience was a bit more hands off. My flare-ups were more frequent due to the constant movement and alertness. My mother developed a heart condition. There were many car trips to pick up my twins lunch at the local school daily. Trips to my doctor’s appointment as well as my parent’s. I have to take a deep breathe just thinking about it.

During this time, I sought a psychologist that specializes in pain management. My rheumatologist suggested it, since the only course of action to minimize my sharp on-going pain was to increase my pain medication. I have spent so much time trying to be my best-self so I would not rely solely, on the medications. I had to take matters into my own hands.

Lupies, everyone is unique and it applies to this illness. I can only say what works for me and possibly give someone some hope and peace.

What does a psychologist that specializes in pain management do? They can help

patients learn better ways to manage difficult emotions connected to their pain through psychotherapy. They have a unique knowledge base that a clinical psychologist would not focus on.

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