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Still Breathing

The 2021 ended with my face and ass planted in the toilet. It continued for another fourteen days right into 2022. My intestines flared due to inflammation. My body was determined to reject every cup of Pedialyte, which helps rehydrate and muscle support. We are now a month into the new year and damn do I not feel well. It is difficult to mentally focus....I am no longer on any medication for my inflammation and nerve pain. I am taking Humira, an injection that is taken in the abdominal area once every two weeks. It is to treat moderate to severe (RA) rheumatoid arthritis. As for every other ailment, I am treating it with medical cannabis, acupuncture, IV therapy, the fluid contains vitamins and minerals or medication delivered via an IV drip into the vein, mental therapy and Naked whey protein. After researching protein shakes individuals with Chrohn's disease were able to tolerate it so that was the endorsement I needed. This week I begin with my new acupuncturist, who accepts my insurance and IV therapy. It is a lot of physical and mental work.

I am having a difficult time because these autoimmune diseases are ever changing. My erratic symptoms, the loss of energy and my fight for a full life. Lupies, I an excited that I have a dentist appointment, my one big thing today, to clean my sparkly teeth. I deserve to genuinely smile because I deserve to be happy.

So do you.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them. Let reality be reality.”

Lao Tzu

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