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Schedule but be flexible

I am beginning to feel a bit more myself. I feel like the detox of medications after Christmas season has done me wonders in regards to secondary side effects. I started to stick to a schedule of waking up at 6:30am, shower, eat a sandwich roll and take my twinsies to school with my big puppy, Chica in the backseat.. Upon my return home, I immediately walk Chica for a good hour. Then I take a stretch/yoga class on the free app, FitOn. Shower again and make my smoothie shake. I have to be strict with my schedule because frankly, I am so tired and overwhelmed I schedule things to look forward to. My body hurts like crazy and I sweat during a 30minute stretch class like I ran a 5K but I know it helps my state of mind. Thankfully, It has been possible to stick to it and feeling's been a week. With chronic illness, the physical and mental are never an even playing field. Ebbs and flows...The IV treatment and twice a week acupuncture is also part of my week wellness. Naps...never underestimate naps. I take a two hour nap in the afternoon so I am prepared for the after school rush of pickup, homework assist, dinner and activities.. So much of my day, my week, my life is just getting things done for myself so I could function and be present for my family. Lights out at 10-10:30pm. I have laid out my daily schedule however, since chronic illness is part of my existence I have to be kind to myself daily. Yesterday was a difficult day emotionally...preteens will do that to you. Life my walk and exercise today was put on pause because I can't stop my inflammation due to my emotional stress. I am tired and overwhelmed so I will regroup today and be kind. I can only do what I could do. Brava! Celebrate all achievements because going through a day is brutal, unexpected and joyous. It's the little moments good and bad that add up to my life in wonderful pieces. Be kind and forward motion.

This is the way-Mandalorian

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