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During the winter break, I always have the kid's doctor appointments shattered throughout the various days. I took the twins to the dentist. The hygienist and the doctor's make small talk while they are working. I do not like small talk. Now or before my Lupus Life days....yes, I can internet see how that statement is a bit ironic? So, there is that.

How is the weather now in New Jersey? referencing my one term-president residence in Florida. How much different the holidays season must be?

Dr. Diaz, What do you do?...and there it is.

Do people not realize not everyone likes or enjoy talking about themselves?

I am a retired educator.

Wow! I would love to be retired! You are young to be retired. It must be great being able to spend so much time with your kids, right?

Yes, it is wonderful but my retirement is because of my Lupus diagnosis. That is why I had to retire from teaching.

You are young and energetic so you must be handling it well. I am sure you can work part time or consult right, if you wanted to?

Maybe. It was great seeing you again, Dr.

You as well, Dr. I look forward to hearing next time about all your adventures!

I wanted to get on my soap box and educate him on this invisible cruel illness named Lupus! I wanted him to know about my so called fabulous retired life! Alright, it is a bit dramatic but this needed some drama! Law & Order themed music effect was playing in the background!

It is always a gut to the stomach every time my age and medical retirement is in question. If you want? is said regularly. Yes, I want a lot of things, fucker. I want my health so I could go on adventures! My parents retired and started traveling with their church's tour group. I naively pictured my retirement similar to theirs. Educate, Career, Family, Real Estate, Retirement. I was brainwashed! That bullshit did not happen! I will share my theory...God is laughing right now. I got what I always asked for in life when I was a kid.

I married Rich and I became a woman of leisure. So, there is that.

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