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Pfizer vaccine 2nd dose

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

It was a family trip. We went to both appointments together and we left alright. My mother and I were the only ones to get some sort of reaction. Lucky us! The reaction was like having the flu. It lasted the day after the injection. The appointment was easily set on the computer. Once there, they immediately made the second appointment for us. The entire process was painless and efficient.

I was nervous for my first appointment. When I get nervous I talk. Talk. Talk some more. The nurse asked what my left arm tattoo meant. I started babbling...veered very quickly to wow, this women has issues. She gave me a 30 minute wait time. I was talking so much without taking a breathe she was ready to call the paramedic on the side. Now, this reaction has nothing to do with any sort of chronic illness. It was just simply my inability to act normal in a regular societal moment.

Another example of my inability to act normal...this was the first time I went to Disney with a medical pass, so of course, when the attendant asked me if I was the disabled individual...I took out my medicinal marijuana card and asked them if they had to see and log it in. My entire family could not stop laughing due to my continual awkwardness. I carry my hangups since I don't look disabled, I think everyone around me is judging, making sure I am not one of those people that use the handicapped spot just to walk closer. Of course, that is on me. Nevertheless, I still carry that guilt and shame with me. Three years after I was issued my handicapped placard, I still look around before I slide out of my car waiting for those older/visibly handicapped individuals who would publicly shame me...that has not happened. Lupies, that is still on me.

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