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My Best Lupie Friend, Chica

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I have always heard people who were ill, either in shows or articles, that their pet got them through. What was that?? A pet, an animal is miraculously soothing your mental and physical wounds. What was that, again?? I was not a believer. I was not drinking that Kool-aid. I really did feel that strongly because I never owned a pet. I grew up in Paterson, New Jersey. It was the ghetto. I don't think I saw a family own and care for an animal.

When my oldest daughter graduated high school, she was required to earned 100 volunteer hours. I was reading an article of the local shelter that provided the 100 hours once you commit to foster a dog for six weeks. I was dubious of having a pet but my middle child wanted a dog so bad. I figured everyone would come out a winner once we agreed to the fostering.

I told my middle child this dog was going back once the six weeks were done. Well! I bought a collar and name tag with her new adopted name. She came to us as Cheesecake. I wanted to immediately change her name. I mean Cheesecake? I would not be able to repeatedly say her name and not think of food! I came up with the name Chica. A little Latino flavor there! I learned to be present because of her. Chica came to us underweight but healthy. She was 50lbs. when she left the shelter. Now she is almost 70lbs. of love and Latino food. Big and beautiful puppy! She just turned six. She is lovely. I recommend fostering or adopting a pet if you are ill. It helps to know there is someone who needs and relies on you everyday. Not needed in a mommy way, not needed like a wifey way, not needed like a permanently disabled person. Just give love, care and support. I have received the same in return. Chica is just pure love.

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