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Marijuana is key!

I ask my husband every evening if it is awful that I think, "It is almost 7:00PM time for my pot!" I laugh but the thought makes me cringe...maybe I am addicted to the pot? When I was first diagnosed with Lupus I use to get these awful almost like seizures. My inside would be quivering and tingling and I would cry in pain. The joke is everyone does not see anything! I feel sometimes that I am just making it up.

So many medications, injections, tests, throughout the years. One of my doctors asked if I would consider medicinal marijuana. He could not prescribe it to me but he understood that other patients responded well. I was so fed up with feeling of helplessness. I was hung up with the stigma that marijuana held. I kept envisioning rappers, skater potheads, druggies. I felt like buying marijuana was this street drug that would leave me half-baked and useless. I finally came to my senses! Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or conditions. I was dubious when I first began taking marijuana. Now, I tell anyone who would listen. TAKE IT...smoke it, vape, apply it. It is a game changer. I do take less medication and experience less symptoms. I want to believe it is the holy grail but unfortunately nothing is. Lupies, keep moving forward anyhow that benefits you the most.


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