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Manage Anxiety and Depression

My mental state has taken a hard nose-dive since my Lupus diagnosis. I have had to develop a team. A team for my physical state and a team for my mental state.

I have good insurance. I taught in public school in New Jersey for sixteen years. When the time came for my medical retirement, I was assigned my pension and the state retirement insurance. The Department of Education granted tuition forgiveness. There are many financial needs, I do not need to worry about. Not everyone is as fortunate but there is hope.

Many doctor’s work on a sliding scale. When our family moved to Florida, I was not familiar with any doctors. I decided to participate in the Rheumatology research department at the University of Florida(UCF). Many educational schools have departments that run full services ask for volunteers. Many educational and/or research schools or hospitals offer programs to determine if it helpful for future patients. These services are usually free or offered at a reduced rate. I was introduced to a psychologist that specializes in pain management. This was a complimentary service because thankfully, medicine is being viewed as a mind and body connection. The psychologist in training taught me to breathe with intention. To accept the pain without putting full focus on it. Mindfulness is difficult technique that still takes practice. I occasionally scream in the house just to remind myself that I am still here. Lupies, no one wants to be sick or in pain. This is a daily struggle but everyone can live in grace.

Yes, I take anti-depressants. Yes, I take medical cannabis. Yes, I take anti-inflammatory for pain. Yes, I am mindful to embrace my creativity, my love, my life. Lupies, it is a clique but life is good…expect nothing less.

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