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IV therapy...yay or nay

These infusions are sometimes called Myers’ cocktails, after Dr. John Myers, who used these IV-delivered nutrient formulas as a method to improve a variety of chronic conditions.

Anyone can receive IV treatment through a boutique location that does not require a doctor referral, however insurance is not accepted and their cocktail would not contain any necessary medication. Today was the first day of my IV therapy. I attend a pain management medical specialist and I will now have bi-weekly infusions. The entire process from entering to departure is an hour. The IV infusion only takes 30 minutes but I am extremely anxious. I have to go through the breathing, sweating and of course that does not help my arm vein accessibility. So the attendant is not so patiently waiting for me to get through my process. I was given a B12 shot in my upper arm and finally she is able to insert the needle in my other arm and I am told to relax. Relaxing is very difficult...what if this does not work, what if this is the non-existent level of comfort I will live with...what if....what if...I am running out of options for modern medicine to manage my various autoimmune diseases. My busy mind persists. I have to say that I left there skeptical. On a scale of one to ten, I began the day at a 7. I arrived home and I felt lighter. I immediately took my big puppy, Chica for a walk. I was out for 45 minutes and hot damn...I felt amaze balls! There was a vibration going through my entire body but there was no pain. I was walking on a solid 3. After my walk, I still felt this amazing relief...I was walking around pain free...I cried I was so happy and began singing Walking on Sunshine. This experience is a definite YAY!!!! I don't know how long this pain free moment will last but it gave me hope. Lupies, occasionally these moments are all you have that keep you from just surrendering.

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