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Dance the Steps Away

Lupies, 5,000 steps seems to be my manageable, magical daily number. I spent some months experimenting on that number starting at 10,000. I lowered the number, so I may feel super accomplished when I occasionally hit 7,000. After every 1,000 steps above the 5,000 target, my fitness watch flashes a fire symbol. I celebrate every personal win, so I yelled to the twins, "I am on FIRE! My fake Apple watch says so!"

The twins and I were battling it out playing Nintendo's, Just Dance 2019 through 2021. I was not surprised at the amount of steps I earned from the various dance sequence. I was surprised how much fun I was having. It is so easy to become fixated on the daily drudge of flare-ups and spoons. I was not dancing with sass and style, although in my head...damn, I was rocking n' rolling. My arthritic knees kept cracking as I mimicked the choreography. Sweat was rolling down my face. My scalp was damp so my curly hair was losing the dry bounce. Yes, I could have cheated and just moved my arms but come on! I do not participate in any type of video game vying for anything but Superstar status. The twins were clapping at my efforts, although they repeatedly kept declaring their concern for my physical capability.

Just like, Take a Picture from Filter, is my running song because it sets up for my top speed and it is an awesome song...some things just are. Do something that may be silly, even for a moment because why not? I achieved my daily steps with skilled choreography, laughs and memories. Lupies, it will end up being a funtastic moment.

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