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Covid-19 (Pfizer) Vaccine

How does the Pfizer vaccine work? The vaccine works by introducing a molecule to cells, known as messenger RNA. This molecule teaches cells to make a protein from the virus that causes COVID-19. The body detects this protein and triggers an immune response.

I understand the logistics of get the protein so the body can develop immunity. However, Lupies, how will the body develop an immunity to COVID-19 if the immune system malfunctions?

I have my reservations on taking the Pfizer vaccine shot. I have heard the stories of healthy people dying after the shot. That is the extreme, however, healthy individuals have gotten sick. My problem is how the vaccine will react to my already compromised body? No one knows. My rheumatologist and my family doctor both said the same thing."It would be good for you to take the vaccine. Contracting the illness would be far worse." Alrighty, then! I guess that is where the reservation comes from not knowing how will my body respond? Will I be normal Lupie sick? Worse? Or far worse!

I did my part and secured an appointment, as every individual should.

Lupies, stay tuned.

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