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Chronic Illness in Parents

Every person has two copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent. Small differences in sequence contribute to each person’s unique physical features. Genetic conditions: Genetic conditions are diseases you develop when you inherit a variant in a gene from your parents. As a result genetic conditions usually run in families. Scientists have identified over 10,000 genetic conditions.

My mother had a heart attack. She spent many months in treatment. The heart surgeon installed a pacemaker and she regularly uses an oxygen tank for breathing comfort. The doctors ordered many blood and physical tests on my mother. A positive ANA blood test proved that immune system has launched a misdirected attack on your own tissue. Now that is not surprising, as my grandmother suffered through autoimmune diseases and my uncle also tests positive. My mother is 84. I recently just took her for her very first appointment at the rheumatologist. Ironically, it is the same one I was referred to. I sat with my mother, I sat, not as a patient, but as the familiar support. I sat, silent while the doctor reassured my mother what was age related discomfort and aliments from an illness. I listened as my mother kept telling the doctor that it is impossible to have Lupus. It is possible folks, although the effects may not be immediate. I listened as she questioned which medications she could stop taking. The doctor does inform her the medications are necessary. My mother was nervous, worried and scared. She has a followup in several weeks after more bloodwork and urine analysis. It was surreal being on the side of support. I just sat next to my mom and reassured her.

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