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Chronic illness among the era of COVID-19

In December 2019, a new virus called SARS-COV-2 was identified in Wuhan, China. This virus was found to cause a severe respiratory illness in patients which was later identified (coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19).

In February 2020, we received an estimate to replace the original windows on the house we bought in 2016. We would not have the windows replaced until a year later. At the time, this virus was beginning to cause apocalyptic chaos around the world. Everything came to an absolute and terrifying stop. As we all began adjusting to this "new normal" in 2020, I developed a new level of anxiety as a Lupie, I needed to be hyper vigilant. Our family, which consisted of my spouse, my 83 year old parents, our three kids and yours truly. We lived in a bubble. Thank goodness for Amazon and Zoom! Like many, we have not physically seen family. It has been over a year since I hugged my sisters in NJ/NY and my brother out in California.

It makes me extremely sad. Very sad, indeed.

As 2021 rolled in, a level of exhaustion arose in having to remain in our bubble. Our original windows were replaced last week. We all took precaution to not be in the vicinity of the workers. Richard was the only one that interacted with them while wearing a mask. We found out yesterday, that the owner, who came to our home three days ago, tested positive for the virus. I took a deep breathe. Richard and I are always within arms length of each other so he took the COVID-19 swab test. I can't even describe the grief that this has caused me. I am already isolated and now I don't have my best person championing me. It took one irresponsible person to leave an impossible level of dispair. That is all it takes. Masks on! Not feeling well...stay the fuck away! Be safe my Lupies. "This too shall pass"- Edward FitzGerald

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