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Brand New Day

Walking on Sunshine is not replaying on Spotify while I shower.

My hair has not been washed in a week.

Sweatpants adorn my legs.

My body is found lying on the bed in between fitful sleep.

The week quickly went from I can do this to....nothing.

My body hurts. It is sore. There is stabbing pains on an endless 24 hour cycle.

I hear my husband voice raised reprimanding the twins, "read, read, then you would be able to answer the questions." Classwork and commonsense gets chucked to the side.

My husband anxiety is hightened. Any sound is presented with a 911 threat.

No family dinners only fragments of a complete meal.

No laughter. No jokes. No lightness.

Curtains are drawn. I envision myself up, sprinting, loving. My cheeks have remained damp from the endless ebb and flow of tears.

Day in and day out. Tomorrow will be better even if it begins as words.

Lupies, this is a moment. A mighty long moment...

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