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I was taken to the hospital this morning after experiencing the urgent care filled with patients.. I waited for two hours. The emergency room did not seem any less empty than two hours before. I spoke to the administering attendant and they informed me the wait would be up to five hours. I decided to check myself out. I cried while I signed my name on the paper refusing service. I cried while I ripped off my mask walking out the door. I hysterically screamed in the parking lot because I allowed myself to think I was hours from relief. I cried all the way home.

So what happened?? Covid happened and all the fucking, yes, fucking idiots that did not get the vaccination. The emergency and hospital rooms in Florida are filled with covid contracting assholes that exercised their "American right" to not get the vaccine. Covid patients are getting their oxygen and made to feel comfortable, while my excruciating inflammatory pain, vomit and diarrhea go untreated. The vaccine is a choice. I diligently take all my medication, walking even in pain, eating and staying hydrated, taking vaccines, going to every medical appointment...all of these things are to provide continual comfort, not physical relief, not to live painfree, just a dose of daily manageableness. You want to exercise your "American right" well you don't have a fucking right to every hospital bed while patients like myself do everything every single day to live not well...just well enough. So fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk you!!!!!

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